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PatientPerfect: A healthtech solution for clinics and salons

UK Healthcare January 2024 - ongoing

PatientPerfect is a healthtech solution for healthcare clinic owners. The app offers intuitive digital tools for building a branded clinic app that supports in-app purchases, rewards, and referral programs. These features help business owners with minimal technical skills increase their clientele and revenue. PatientPerfect’s UK founder chose NERDZ LAB’s healthcare development and web design expertise to realize her product vision.





Product design

Design discovery & research

UX design

UI design

Brand identity

Design testing

Web development



Mobile development






Java Script




Stripe payments


Team composition:

1 UI/UX designer

1 Identity designer

1 Front-end developer

1 Back-end developer

2 QA engineers

1 Delivery

1 Project manager

1 Fractional CTO


PatientPerfect is the brainchild of Corinne Sawers, a UK-based entrepreneur who wanted to improve how clinics connect with their clients through service offerings, rewards, and loyalty programs. 

Corinne reached out to NERDZ LAB based on Clutch reviews of our custom healthcare software development services. Together, we developed a tailored solution comprising a user-friendly digital platform with an admin panel for campaigns and user management, a customizable mobile app for clients, and a visually appealing landing page that showcases PatientPerfect’s capabilities.

In line with Corinne’s goal of attracting a wide range of clients with distinct branding and marketing needs, NERDZ LAB prioritized extensive app customization features while ensuring a consistent user experience across different clinic and salon types.

As a health tech software vendor with our own startup experience, we also supported Corinne’s outreach to potential clients and investors. Our startup services included delivering app icons, identity, and branding materials, and creating an engaging demo video that showcases app features. 



  • Customization and automation. The admin panel lets end users create and automate complex configurations across healthcare development services, products, and loyalty programs. Administrators can easily customize and connect their offerings to increase operational efficiency and client engagement.

  • Third-party API integrations. NERDZ LAB ensured smooth integration with marketing analytics tools, EHRs, patient experience software, and clinic management systems like Zenoti, Pabau, and Fresha. These integrations ensure platform versatility and seamless operation across different clinic services and systems.

  • Marketplace functionality and payment integration. We created a marketplace-like experience for business owners to present a range of services and products in a single interface. App users can browse offerings from multiple businesses, make bookings, and complete secure payment transactions directly through the platform.

Design Overview

Admin panel development. The admin panel integrates essential functions for healthcare product design tailored to clinic management. It includes branding options for customization, simplified service management, and configurable loyalty programs to boost customer retention. The panel also supports membership levels, a messaging system for effective communication, and a revenue-tracking dashboard with comprehensive analytics.

Mobile app development. The mobile app combines healthcare UX and UI design principles in a user-friendly interface that simplifies service promotion, special offers, and loyalty rewards. Users can browse and purchase services, earn and redeem loyalty points, manage membership status and benefits, and stay informed of relevant promotions and salon news.

Landing page development. NERDZ LAB’s UX design services created an engaging, high-performance landing page that showcases PatientPerfect’s features and design. We employed minimal UI elements, clear typography, and a focused color palette to guide users smoothly down the page. We also produced a captivating app demo video for page visitors.



Creating styleguide and UI kit


Web App


Web App


Mobile App


Landing Page


A professional app offering. As a startup building its client base, PatientPerfect benefited from NERDZ LAB's product design services to present its healthtech idea in a professional and attractive way.

Positive reception. The client has received positive interest and feedback from healthcare and beauty clinic owners, with initial contracts already signed.

Client results. Business owners have reported 185% referral growth, 26% revenue growth, and a 16% increase in client spend after adopting the app.

An expanding user base. During a recent conference, the client gathered over 50 interested UK clinic contacts, indicating PatientPerfect’s growing traction and success.