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Once upon a time, two twin brothers decided to fulfil their most desirable dream - gather in one place nerds with the same passion and create a leading laboratory, which will be able to bring never seen before ideas to life. They believe that setup friendly environment and collaborating with the customer as one dedicated team_official is not a dream, but reality. Now its name is NerdzLab.

meet the team official

I'm a CTO of a company, and I'm eager to make things that matter. From my early start, I was passioned of what I was doing. Now, 7 Years after... Nothing changed on my feelings, only my skills. And you know what? I LIKE IT!

Vasyl Khmil

Co-Founder & CTO

Work hard & be nice to people…

“There are lots of ways to run a business but this way works for us. We’ve grown organically, when we’ve needed to. The business is going from strength to strength based on the solid foundation we’ve laid over the last eleven years. We’re now able to take it in a direction that I’d only dreamed possible. The team_official’s ambition and mine has grown with the business, and continues to grow. The next few years call for more team_official members, and working with more fantastic clients in an industry we love – we can’t wait”

I work at Nerdzlab, and I love my job. I am passionate about travelling and gathering new emotions and life stories. For me, the main thing is personal development and active rest.

Andrii Tsebak

Sales Manager

I enjoy my job because it is always exciting to make something new. Technologies make this world better, and it is cool to know that I can make a small contribution to the big deal. My life credo is "Never give up"

Yurii Malyts

iOS Developer

"With great attention to details and a commitment to developing and implementing continuous improvement. Solution-oriented team_official player and hands-on experienced in many testing tools. Ability to learn quickly, even in high-pressure situations, to fully understand a new product, platform or any mixture of the two. My life credo "Don't dream. Do it", so let dreams come true."

Marta Makara

Quality Assurance

Optimal working time is 8 hours. Still... Sometimes it happens that challenges, you have, grab you to another world, world where you must fight issues, create features or ruin old which no one needed. And all of that to create stunning eye monuments... If that's the case, I'm happy to be here a little more than eight usual hours!

Pavlo Kuzina

WEB Developer

Young soul and passionate heart that are the things you need to move to and to move to fast. What is my passion? Hmm... I would tell everything and nothing at the same time. I am trying to join any meetup and meet as many people as possible. You never know when something hilarious will happen, and I won't forgive myself if I don't. You have one chance to use it or to regret that you did not!

Andryii Vakhnii

iOS Developer

I like more things than can be fitted in this limited grey box. Life will always be exciting if you are not standing in the same place. So, a new one is still better!

Volodymyr Zhdan

Android Developer

Most of all, I am inspired by people. Our talents, hobbies, strength, intelligence, and work on yourself are that always motivates me. NerdzLab is a team of exciting and talented people who take on projects of varying complexity. So my goal at this company is to share on different resources about people, our successes, talents, projects, and love for what we do. It inspires me. I hope you too.

Sophia Pelekh

Marketing Specialist

I'm the CEO of a company, and I'm proud of it. Why? It's because we were able to group incredible guys in one small office. I know, they're a team that will carry me on. I'm always telling them, today lets do it better than we did it yesterday!

Volodymyr Khmil

Co-Founder & CEO

I'm keen on technologies, and it's so awesome. I love how each tiny piece, each small device making my life easier each day, week, month. Sometimes I think technologies are better than humans. Who knows, maybe it will change in future...

Mark Boychuk

WEB Developer

For my whole life, I had a passion for every technical stuff around. Here in NerdzLab, I can realize myself always on cutting edge technologies and be ready for any challenging tasks.

Dmytro Gulko

Android Developer

I know one true in a tech world that a lot of us \"Geeks\" misses. To make a great thing you need to be passioned. To be passioned, you need to have life balance. To have balance, mix your work with other activities. My ideal cocktail is: Put a work, add to it a little sport activities and mix it with your friends!"

Volodymyr Vrublevskyi

Co-Founder & Delivery

Our Family

We pride ourselves on our team_official ethic, culture and our fully rounded approach to our projects. designdough isn’t about just one person, every team_official member has a voice and is a stakeholder in the business, so we are all as equally passionate about our clients, projects and delivering the best outcomes possible.

Loving solving problems and puzzles, I began to program, believing that this area allows people to build solutions to any area in the world.

Roman Humyn

Android Developer

Gaming or Development? How to choose if you like both? I would like to be in two places at the same time, like in Harry Potter. Unfortunately, nothing like that exists. Ahh, I need to create on my own...

Edem Yakubov

WEB Developer

I like to play with something new, experiment with it, and when it becomes boring, I find something new that can be tackled. Usually, it is surfing the internet in search of the exciting content, and I never say ‘No’ for a piece of tasty pizza.

Stepan Revytskyi

Android Developer

I decided to become a developer because it gives me the ability to make things that can improve and automate a lot of stuff in our lives. It also helps me to become better by learning new technologies and gaining further acknowledgements. These two things are the main goals in my life and Nerdzlab is the place where I can achieve them.

Bohdan Tkachuk

WEB developer

I started my career as an HR manager in 2018. My first job was as a psychologist, and it is a hobby now. Family is my most significant treasure. Playing the guitar, singing, writing poems and watching movies are my favourite leisure activities. I enjoy communicating and improving my social skills.

Maryna Kostiuk

HR Manager

Want to join our Team?

We advertise all our current vacancies on our blog, local job boards and social media, but every so often, someone will approach us off the cuff and utterly impress us with their new way of thinking. Do you think you could be that next person? We triple, donkey-dare you to wow us (hint: an emailed CV, cover letter and PDF version of your portfolio won’t cut it)

A young and talented professional, with a strong passion for technology and innovation. Will develop projects following all deadlines and will be very responsive and flexible during implementation processes. I am a responsible and determined iOS Developer with more than two years of experience, who is quick to grasp new ideas and technics. If you are looking for a person with a professional attitude, excellent communication, and high code quality, then I am the right one for your project.


iOS Developer

The key to my work is to focus on the details and create a problem-solving strategy. I love working with people and getting inspiration from travelling and music.

Nata Humyn

Quality Assurance

Hello, world! Nice to meet you all. I know you're to get to know me better. I'm too shy to tell whole my story. Only three words. I LIKE IT!

Ostap Marchenko

iOS Developer

The main reason why I am here is that I really love and enjoy my job. I like learning something new every single day and implement all the gained knowledge in real life. No matter how hard anything may be, don't ever stop!

Ihor Belehai

WEB Developer

Have you ever heard that laziness is the engine of progress? To my point of view, it should be an axiom. The lazier you are, the faster you do things. Why not? I have always been too soon for this world;)

Ostap Pylyp

WEB Developer

I like to see how my work and attention to details improve the product. I am a QA engineer who is excited every day to do his job. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and waiting for new challenges.

Roman Oliinyk

Quality Assurance

We're living in the world overwhelmed by information, bright innovations and solutions for different businesses and spheres. And therefore companies face a crucial problem of spending too many time to find appropriate instruments and pain-killers for their unique cases. My job and my mission are to build connections between actual clients' needs and the most efficient solutions for their requests.

Victoria Shvets

Lead generation manager