От халепа... Ця сторінка ще не має українського перекладу, але ми вже над цим працюємо!


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#born_to_be_nerd — Meet Maryna Kostiuk


Anastasia Andon


Brand Marketing Manager

4 min read

4 min read

#born_to_be_nerd is one of our topics where we introduce you to the creators of NERDZ LAB.

Today, you’ll meet Maryna Kostiuk, who was #born_to_be_nerd.

Article content:

What three words do you associate with NERDZ LAB?

Development. Values. Communication.

You can learn more about NERDZ LAB here.

#born_to_be_nerd — Meet Maryna Kostiuk

How did your story with NERDZ LAB begin?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that my career at NERDZ LAB started at the very beginning of the company’s existence. It happened like this: my friend called me and told me that their friends’ company needed an HR specialist. I wrote to the company’s CEO, sent my resume, and completed a trial task, and by the final interview with Volodymyr and Vasyl Khmil, I was sure that I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Those guys talked about their businesses and shared their plans with such enthusiasm and passion that it changed my perception of a leader’s role forever.

You may find it interesting to read about the Scandinavian management model: Experience.

#born_to_be_nerd — Meet Maryna Kostiuk

What inspires you in your work?

Results. People. I feel listened to and supported. Opportunities to learn and develop my skills. And how can I not mention the special atmosphere of our office, where every interior detail is thought out. And, of course, they encourage us to hang out with our pets at the office!

#born_to_be_nerd — Meet Maryna Kostiuk

What advice can you give to HR managers who are just starting their careers?

My first piece of advice is about job interviews:

Ask questions. Look for a company that shares your values. Don’t worry about asking questions if you forget something or want more information, it’s completely ok. Asking questions shows that you’re interested in the company.

Second, learn as much as you can!

Read, take courses, and expand your professional network. Explore some high-quality content on networking and communication platforms. There are a lot of them nowadays. Don’t say you heard it from me, but check out the People First Club.

And my last piece of advice, but very important:

Don’t be afraid to stand up for your opinion and defend your own boundaries.

Why did you choose a career as an HR manager, and how do you assess its prospects for the next 10 years?

First and foremost, this profession aligns with my values and my need to communicate with people. HR involves a lot of psychological theories. It’s what I love and what really drives me.

It’s difficult to make predictions about any profession, and it’s not always wise in today’s world. But being flexible and quickly adapting to changes in the industry is our superpower.

#born_to_be_nerd — Meet Maryna Kostiuk

Do you have enough free time for your hobbies? How do you spend your free time?

I am on maternity leave right now, so I can tell you a bit about that. At the moment, motherhood is my main job, and I try to dedicate any free time I have to both the company and self-improvement. For example, I have scheduled time for learning and lectures that I have been wanting to attend for a long time.

Even though I’m currently on leave, NERDZ LAB keeps in touch with me, so I won’t feel like there is a huge gap in time when I return to work. Even on leave, I can write articles, communicate with colleagues, and attend important company events. I’m also already preparing a small webinar to present to my fellow nerds this spring on the interesting topic of “Professional Burnout.” Cool, right?

#born_to_be_nerd — Meet Maryna Kostiuk

What are some of your favorite movies, music, and books?

Movies: it’s difficult to say specifically, except that I prefer certain genres, like thrillers, comedies, and science fiction.

For music, I like rock, jazz, and pop, depending on my mood.

As for books, I really love Isaac Asimov’s science fiction novels about robots. There’s a vast series of them, and it’s all great. The book Ubik by Philip Dick is also one of my favorites.