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Blank AI app: An AI-driven coach, companion, and personal assistant in one

USA Productivity, AI assistance August 2023 - ongoing

Blank AI is an AI mobile app that serves as a bespoke personal assistant, coach, visual explorer, tutor, and entertainer. Its intuitive interface for AI text and image generation uses voice commands and synthesized speech to enable seamless, hands-free interaction. Blank AI is one of several successful projects in the scope of NERDZ LAB’s mobile application development services that we have delivered for US-based innovator Global Digital.





Mobile development







Google Cloud



Team composition:

2 iOS developers

1 Back-end developer

1 QA engineer

1 Delivery

1 Project manager

1 Architecture consultant


The client needed MVP software development for an innovative AI assistant app. Following previous successful partnerships with us, they turned to NERDZ LAB for startup development services and artificial intelligence development expertise. Our team responded by seamlessly integrating AI services and creating a functional MVP in just three months.

The key tech challenge was ensuring the app’s ability to remember past interactions — a crucial feature of effective AI mobile apps.

We implemented a Vector database solution for high-speed queries and scalability, which forms the backbone for long-term conversation memory. This allows the ChatGPT app to maintain context during conversations, leading to more coherent and contextually relevant responses that strengthen the app’s competitive edge in the AI development market.

Other features enriched the app’s overall functionality. We simplified onboarding by allowing users to log in with existing social media credentials. Text-to-speech and speech-to-text features can be easily personalized through user preferences.

In-app purchases support a subscription model for premium features and one-time purchases for additional functionalities, enhancing user engagement and supporting monetization.



  • Assistant Mode. Users can effortlessly manage daily activities, plan their day, and get instant access to knowledge and data for enhanced productivity and efficiency.
  • Coach Mode. Blank AI app offers a wealth of resources for personal growth, fitness, and wellness. The AI coach gives 1-1 support through guided meditations, fitness routines, diet plans, life guidance, and more.
  • Visual AI Mode. Visual recognition algorithms and models help users identify and classify objects such as flora, fauna, and historical sites within images. Blank provides additional context, transforming ordinary photos into captivating visual experiences. Users can explore and interact with their surroundings using AI image-generation features.
  • Learn Mode. AI technology simplifies web searches and ensures a responsive chat experience. Users can study information, dive deep into topics, and grasp complex issues quickly.
  • Fun Mode. The AI personal assistant app ensures a daily dose of relaxation and humor through games, jokes, stories, and more, with endless customization opportunities.


A crucial client request was for a distinctive and fully native iOS user experience. In response, we focused on creating unique animations tailored for primary in-app interactions through a series of distinctive orbs — spheres located at the center of the screen. 

To fulfill this requirement, our team engineered a sophisticated animation engine. This engine stands out for its ability to deliver an exceptionally smooth interaction with the orbs, and its versatile design allows seamless integration across the entire app. 

This strategic decision resulted in a visually compelling and engaging user interface and also established a standardized framework that ensures efficiency and consistency when deploying animations throughout the app. 

These MVP design approaches contributed substantially to the long-term scalability and overall user experience of this AI personal assistant app.


Monetization opportunities. The AI app offers a wide range of resources for personal growth, entertainment, and wellness. A subscription-based model and in-app purchases contribute to a sustainable revenue stream.

Enhanced user engagement. Blank AI’s support for personal scheduling fosters app engagement, while its entertainment features boost user retention and satisfaction.

Room for partnership. Apps similar to ChatGPT enriched with features like visual recognition have promising collaboration opportunities. App creators can partner with tourism, education, and arts businesses to expand their reach.

User-generated growth. As Blank AI evolves based on user interactions, it encourages sustained engagement. The more users engage, the more tailored their experience becomes, fostering a sense of loyalty to the product.