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Pub Collector: mobile application development for local UK pub crawl app

UK Social September 2020 - ongoing

Pub Collector is a social app for discovering and sharing new local pubs in the UK, based on a person’s location. The pub finder map lets users plan a route that stops at multiple pubs in an evening, highlighting its core feature: pub crawl planning.

Shoreditch Design Studio came to us for help with mobile app development. We had previously worked on several projects with this client, so we had already established a cooperative workflow between their team and ours.

They asked NERDZ LAB for mobile application development services so they could help the public quickly get back to regular socializing at local UK pubs after the lockdown.


Screens from app



Mobile development






Laravel Nova

Team composition:

1 iOS developer

1 Android developer

1 Back-end developer

1 QA engineer

1 Delivery

1 Project manager


Appropriate data handling within a tight schedule

NERDZ LAB had to connect and run a database containing information on over 1.5 million UK pubs for a future app and create a smooth and user-friendly UX. Moreover, the client came to us with short notice; in just three months, we had to develop and deliver the server-side and back-end parts in a stable MVP version of the app.

Map solution

Our development team had to find the most suitable solution for the in-app map. Since one of the key features was pub crawl planning, NERDZ LAB had to define the most efficient way to build dynamic routes between multiple pubs and optimize routes to minimize distance.

Real-time tracking

We had to provide constant communication between the app and its server-side to ensure that the app users had the most up-to-date information on which pubs users had already visited.

The Solution

Relevant resources distribution

NERDZ LAB strengthened the development team with a solution architect responsible for building suitable infrastructure on the server side. Choosing and implementing AWS allowed us to reduce the time needed to arrange a vast amount of data and focus on building a UX-centered app, with scalability in mind.

Custom programming solution

We used basic algorithmic coding as a core to develop and integrate our custom framework, which ensured that the app created the most efficient route for users.

Communication protocols

NERDZ LAB facilitated constant data transfer between the server and the application using a WebSockets solution. This solution delivered smooth real-time in-app interaction for groups of friends planning a route together.


A reliable MVP for the local UK market

Over 1.6 million in-app pubs and growing

21k app downloads

Over 1k active users (without any marketing campaigns)