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Subit: An SaaS solution for school administrators and educators

Denmark Education April 2022 - ongoing

Subit is a Danish startup that helps schools and educators optimize resource planning with technology.

The Subit app for iOS, Android, and web helps school administrators and teachers keep track of lesson staffing, easily plan timetables and temporary teacher coverage, and calculate and record staff salaries.





Web development








Team composition:

3 Front-end developers

1 Back-end developer


Subit is an established team of young entrepreneurs and developers with a passion for making school and daycare management easier for all stakeholders: full-time teachers, substitute teachers, administrators, and decision-makers.

By leveraging its tech knowledge, the Danish education system, and typical customer pain points, the Subit team wanted to develop a new solution to meet the needs of school administrators and educators. Subit’s Android, iOS, and web app was designed to help schools manage resources and teacher timetables. The result is a transparent and easily manageable system where users can review and manage teacher coverage, student attendance, and salary records.

Subit had its own in-house developers, but given the scale of the project, they needed a reliable dedicated software development team who could bring their SaaS solution to life. After reviewing the best software development companies for outsourcing on Clutch, Subit chose NERDZ LAB, and one back-end and three front-end developers joined Subit as a team extension.

The NERDZ LAB team, highly experienced in iOS, Android, front-end web development, and back-end web development services, jumped on the chance to deliver another top-notch product by bringing their expertise and innovative ideas to the table for discussion and cooperation with Subit’s developers.



  • Tailored UX design and functionality. We analyzed the requirements for timetable planning activities in different roles — full-time teachers, substitute teachers, and school administrators — to create optimum design elements and functionality. The final solution ensures easy access to a teacher-specific list of lessons and streamlines administrator tasks ranging from shift creation to drawing up a calendar of absences.
  • Meaningful insights. Subit wanted to include efficient reporting features to help balance teacher workloads, optimize lesson scheduling, and approve requests for employee leave. We researched the data available and used it to generate easy-to-follow visuals, including a chart on student arrival/leaving times and diagrams of a teacher’s planned and actual working hours. These visuals give meaningful and easily readable insights into school and teacher performance.
  • Integrating a payroll system into the app. Subit’s main goal for their solution is to save teachers and administrators time by optimizing administrative work with automation. Payroll system integration was one of the main steps in this plan. We created an easy-to-use interface for both administrators and teachers that calculates and displays an employee’s monthly salary using an integrated payroll system and workload data from the app.
  • Continuous collaboration for a high-quality solution. Creating a high-quality solution requires continuous feature testing, review, and improvement. Subit constantly relies on the vision of NERDZ LAB’s dedicated development team to enhance the elements created by in-house developers and provide suggestions to NERDZ LAB specialists to create the best product in cooperation. This two-way workflow ensures that Subit meets its development aims and is constantly improving the product.


1,000+ downloads on Google Play

Reduced operational spending for schools, due to an estimated two work hours per day saved on administrative tasks

Reduced errors in payroll, thanks to integrated payroll systems that replace the manual calculation

A calendar of absences and assigned and planned activities that helps schools easily plan resources and find substitute teachers fast

Enhanced transparency and an overview of a teacher's actual and planned time to help teachers easily track, plan and approve their schedule and request days off

Reports and scheduling tools for school managers to minimize substitute teacher hours by optimizing the working hours of full-time employees