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The blockchain project: how to hasten data aggregation by 3x

Global Blockchain December 2021 - ongoing

Our client, a world leader in the blockchain industry, came to us for a technology-intensive project focused on blockchain data aggregation. The project’s aim is to advance the KYC (know your customer) process for decentralized financial operations, and one of its fundamental components is an API that retrieves blockchain data records.

When the client came to us, they already had an application but couldn’t release it due to a lack of capacity. Specifically, they had technically complex issues related to their back-end data processing speed. Solving them became the main task for NERDZ LAB. The fundamental goal of our collaboration was to accelerate the collection and processing of blockchain transaction data.



Web development












Team composition:

1 Front-end developer

2 Back-end developers


Slow blockchain data processing

The client wanted to release a product that used a KYC technique to process data inside the blockchain for decentralized financial operations. The slow nature of data aggregation significantly delayed asset delivery to stakeholders; it took too long to confirm all records in the blockchain. Our task was to accelerate the blockchain data aggregation and speed asset delivery by at least three times.

Data administration

The NERDZ LAB team had to build a robust tool that analyzed and managed blockchain data storage to generate insights that benefit stakeholders.


As a blockchain acquires new records, the system can become overloaded, hampering data transmission through the platform’s API. NERDZ LAB needed to ensure smooth operation of data processing algorithms.


Boost the data-reading algorithm

The NERDZ LAB team made numerous modifications to the back-end code for data-processing algorithms. We made the blockchain data aggregation 3.5 times faster, providing more efficient data processing and recording to the database, which increased the value to all interested parties.

Admin and reporting panel

We created an administration panel that gives the client a secure interface to view all details and statistics for processed data. As a result, the panel serves as a powerful analytics tool.

Further technical improvements

NERDZ LAB continues to advance the data-reading algorithm using the engineering tools listed above. Now that we’ve enhanced the blockchain data aggregation algorithm to run without overloading the system, we’re working on additional code enhancements to prepare the platform for the launch. After that, we’ll continue with the platform’s support and supervision.


A 3.5 times faster blockchain-parsing algorithm for KYC processes

Powerful administration and analytics tool

Ongoing improvements to the platform’s technology