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TruConnect: Multi-faceted fitness app and gym management platform

UK Healthcare Sports June 2020 - ongoing

TruConnect is a unique SaaS platform that simplifies the management of gyms while also offering fitness and wellbeing content for users. This popular sports app is a revamp after acquisition based on an app developed by NERDZ LAB.

The web platform integrates with a mobile app and provides a centralized access point for running gym chains (coach management, training schedules, and user subscriptions). It also incorporates social media application features like post sharing, global leaderboards, and a robust exercise database to help users remain motivated in their fitness journey.


Screens from app



Product design

UX design

UI design

Web development



Mobile development











Google maps


Team composition:

1 Business analyst

1 UI/UX designer

1 iOS developer

1 Android developer

2 Front-end developers

2 Back-end developers

2 QA engineers

1 Project manager

1 Fractional CTO


After purchasing Tona fitness application, TV.FIT decided to rebrand and expand the application into a fitness and wellness app. Recognizing the quality of NERDZ LAB’s mobile application development services TV.FIT chose us as a partner.

The timeline was tight, with just 3 months to scale the MVP and expand it with the new fitness app features. TV.FIT also wanted to enter the Asian market and simultaneously release apps in Google Play and Huawei AppGallery (combining GMS & HMS).

While developing this health and fitness app, we made a thorough analysis of necessary changes in the codebase, then followed the Scrum methodology of short manageable sprints. NERDZ LAB’s leading developers brainstormed how to optimize existing fitness app features and add new integrations.

During the health and fitness app development, several engineers worked on separate features simultaneously. Concurrently, the QA specialist performed continuous testing to ensure TruConnect seamlessly worked with multiple smart devices and vendors.

The resulting SaaS platform provides a cohesive environment where coaches, gym owners, fitness trainers, celebrities, and other entrepreneurs can manage all aspects of their operations while providing access to informational, educational, and motivational content for their audience.

Video by TruConnect By TV.FIT


The features that help TruConnect mobile app to stand out:

  • Video & manual workouts along with heart-rate device monitoring. Users can access hundreds of recorded activities or build training programs by combining thousands of exercises in the TruConnect database, while GPS positioning enables tracking of outdoor cardio routes.
  • Challenges and chat. TruConnect allows users to compete with friends and colleagues by creating different challenges with various activity goals. Group chats enable users to discuss their progress and share achievements with the community.
  • Audio meditations. Relaxing and refreshing meditations are available.

Features of TruConnect as a management platform:

  • Multiple payment gateways. Integration with various gateways supports users worldwide.
  • Comprehensive Gym Management system. A built-in gym management platform enables overview and management of studios, classes, schedules, training, memberships, etc. This system is integrated with the mobile app, providing flexibility and control.


The UI/UX of the web admin panel was redesigned for the new workflows and features. TruConnect’s varied functionalities meant numerous styles were listed in its design file.

NERDZ LAB made these styles reusable and created an easy-to-use Dark/Light theme. We used the material design approach to style syncing, depending on the area the styles are used (Background, On-Background, Surface, On-Surface, etc.).



Creating styleguide and UI kit


Responsive web admin platform


UI snippets from Light theme (mobile app)


UI snippets from Dark theme (mobile app)


TruConnect has become a complex fitness platform with a variety of features, from simple workout-tracking and running route mapping to user leaderboards, custom workout plan builders, subscriptions, social feeds, and more. We built robust synchronization with most fitness devices. For example, Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, or Solar.

In just 3 months the NERDZ LAB team delivered a full-scale platform for smooth gym network management. Moreover, we simultaneously integrated it into the TruConnect ecosystem, ensuring flawless operation.

Our team completed five integrations with other services in three months and hit every single release date. We provided iOS and Android app development services and built a CMS capable of efficiently managing both the admin and user sides of the process. The resulting product is a full-scale gym network management system and user engagement platform.

Successful delivery of new features and the rapid growth of the user base have allowed TruConnect to negotiate with companies with 500k+ active users interested in the platform’s corporate offerings and user management capabilities.


James Wildish


We’ve partnered with some large organizations using the work and the functionality that NERDZ LAB has developed. In fact, a large telecom group is going to launch one of our projects to half a million users.

I’m 100% satisfied with the work they’ve completed.

James Wildish


We’ve partnered with some large organizations using the work and the functionality that NERDZ LAB has developed. In fact, a large telecom group is going to launch one of our projects to half a million users.

I’m 100% satisfied with the work they’ve completed.