Userfeel - Quick and Easy User Testing

Userfeel is a usability testing tool that gives you videos of real users speaking their thoughts as they use your website or app.

Userfeel was designed and developed by usability researchers for usability researchers, newcomers to UX Research and anyone who wants to optimize their website or app.

Screens from app

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Replay Kit
  • Screen Capturing
  • Broadcasting
  • Encryption
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Other

The Challenge

The biggest and most complex part of this project was the mobile screen recording of the provided scenario. As the usual duration of a captured video is more than 30 minutes, it also brings challenges into the app.
The first challenge was to avoid interruption that may happen during a long test(incoming call, closing application, etc.)
The second challenge was to make video uploading fast and smooth.
The third challenge was to record the screen inside and outside of the application.

The Solution

  • Capture interruption events and organize video accordingly.
  • Advanced mechanism of pausing/resuming based on user actions.
  • Video compression using FFMPEG.
  • Video uploading in background mode.
  • Video caching and restoring upload if it was interrupted.
  • Background video capturing with appropriate permissions handling.
  • Custom video props depending on the user device.

The results

  • 01
    Trusted by over 200 organizations.
  • 02
    Trusted by worldwide companies, such as TripAdvisor, 99design, and TESCO.
  • 03
    More than 100,000 installs on Android devices.
  • 04
    More than 20,000 installs on iOS devices.
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