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#born_to_be_nerd – Meet Roman Humyn


Sophia Pelekh



4 min read

4 min read

#Born_to_be_nerd is our new topic where we introduce you to people creating the NERDZ LAB environment.

Working on exciting projects and yet finding a time for a pet project with a colleague? Check!

Meet Roman Humyn, our Android developer who is #born_to_be_nerd. In a small interview, Roman explained why he joined NERDZ LAB, what’s the most engaging for him in projects, shared some tips and life hacks for beginners, and spoke about his spare time.

What are three words that you associate with NERDZ LAB?

Development, Comfort, and Twins. 

Roman, how did your NERDZ LAB story start?

I’ve been working with NERDZ LAB for over 3 years already. Vasyl and Volodymyr Khmil, the company’s founders, have vast experience in mobile development, and it got me curious. Besides, they are glad to share it, and I can always pick something up from them. So a modern technology stack and an exciting project have become the cherry on the top for me.

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What encourages you in your job?

Mostly, it’s people around me, especially my team. However, open opportunities for diverse personal development also significantly contribute to this.

Why did you choose a software developer career path, and what’s your opinion on its progress in the nearest 10 years?

Being a software developer means being a creator in some sense. I’ve always been keen on discovering, designing, and implementing different solutions to various issues. Since I was a child, my passion for technology and computer logic has clarified what I wanted to do. 

A software development sphere is evolving at a very rapid pace. In my opinion, it will completely change in 10 years. Indeed, even much earlier. Let’s recall particular inventions changing the entire sphere just for several months. According to the most recent trends, a huge focus will be on VR technologies. So creators should evolve at the same pace with the technology progress and acquire new related skills in these fields.

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Speaking of projects, what’s the most significant or most engaging for you?

For now, it’s TruConnect, a complex fitness platform. This is exactly how it feels for me due to a comprehensive stack of modern development technologies and methodologies combined with an agile architecture. Besides, when surrounded by a team of skilled and motivated teammates, you get a comprehensive approach and all-level analysis of the solution. Positive feedback from users inspires even more. 

How should Android development beginners level up their skills? 

Start with mastering the Kotlin programming language and leverage modern  Android app architecture with Google Android Jetpack. Besides, read more other people’s codes, both from senior colleagues and trustworthy open-source resources.

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Do you have plenty of time off, and is it enough for your hobbies?

Yes, I spend the maximum of my spare time with my family. Also, from time to time, I try to elaborate on my pet project, which I build with Andriy Vahniy, my NERDZ LAB colleague. When I’m not busy with programming, I travel or have fun with my labrador. All these activities allow recharging and shift the focus from one point to another.

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What are your favorite movies, music, and a book? 

I am a great admirer of cinematography. From a really long list of my movies choices, I  can highlight Mr. Nobody, Shutter Island, Inception, as well as La Casa de Papel and Dark TV series.

My music selections are quite wide-ranging though I always particularly appreciate The Beatles, Royal Blood, Alt-J, André Rieu.

As for the books, it’s the whole challenge to make up the list of favorites when there are plenty of spectacular ones. And if talking about the authors, my advice to everybody is to read books by Leigh Bardugo, Dan Brown, Edgar Allan Poe. 

Which place on the Earth where you’ve already been to, you recommend visiting? 

I particularly remember the rise on Pico del Teide (3,718m) and picturesque landscapes from its peak. It’s the fourth world’s highest volcano.  Sure, I can’t consider the rise itself the easiest one, but the canyon around the volcano and the land views from its crater on the entire island and the Pacific Ocean are mesmerizing.  

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Roman, write the code, work with pet projects, and enjoy your life, and we’ll support you!

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