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All-in-one personal manager app

USA Productivity March 2023–ongoing

As a showcase of our startup product development services, NERDZ LAB aided a US-based startup in creating and launching an all-in-one personal manager app for iOS and Android. The app boasts a range of functionalities like task management, smart notifications, task automation, and document management, and more all focused on enhancing overall lifestyle and achieving work-life balance.





Mobile development








Team composition:

1 Product designer

2 iOS developers

2 Android developers

1 QA engineer

1 Delivery

1 Project manager

1 Marketing specialist


Our client, a seasoned entrepreneur, approached us with the first version of their personal manager app, seeking our comprehensive mobile application development services. Initially, this included UX design review and consulting, along with identifying areas for improvement. We recommended a shift to native technologies to provide a contemporary mobile user experience. Then, collaborating closely with the client, we guided the project to the successful launch of the iOS app and Android apps. Our collaboration continues as we expand the range of new features and enhance existing ones.

To maximize the app’s appeal to investors and users alike, we focused our mobile application development efforts on delivering rich yet easy-to-navigate functionality. The functionality spans various categories, including social networking, work planning and organization, family and personal task management, as well as features concerning personal transportation and personal information management. Key features enable users to achieve work-life balance, streamlining personal and professional responsibilities.



Centralized repository for essential information

Features gathered in this section empower users to manage critical aspects of their lives — education, career progress, personal well-being, vehicle tasks, and pet care, among others. Key functionalities include document management, smart notifications, and information storage and sharing. Users can conveniently organize a diverse range of files and important paperwork in a secure space, with document access and collaboration options streamlining the management process. Users receive timely notifications from the app when entering details about crucial aspects of their lives, such as pet vaccination records, vehicle information, or colleagues’ birthdays. Additionally, users can securely share essential details from all aspects of their lives with their network.

Productivity boost and activities planning

The array of features in this category is designed to assist users in planning work and family activities, ultimately enhancing their productivity. Key functionalities include filters, notifications, checklists, and sharing options. Users can efficiently manage their daily schedules and recurring tasks while also adding status updates for their network. They can prioritize tasks, access detailed information or monthly snapshots, and track progress using roadmaps and checklists. The note-taking feature simplifies organization by gathering thoughts, ideas, and crucial information in one convenient place. The app provides a repository for deferred tasks and future ideas, with options for sharing, adding notes, and filtering searches. Completed tasks can be archived with both automated and manual retrieval options.

Staying connected and organized 

Expanding the social app functionality, we enabled users to categorize both work and personal contacts, simplifying communication. With network and contacts views, users can swiftly access details of colleagues and family members, allowing them to label contacts and assign different roles for easy reference. Smart notifications and news features automatically send reminders for due dates, appointments, and birthdays while also keeping users updated on shared tasks, event invitations, connection requests, and new app features. Additionally, we’ve integrated chat functionality to facilitate communication through both individual and group chats, enabling users to securely share photos and documents.

Design overview::



Timely launch. We launched the iOS app on a strict deadline so our client could showcase it at a major trade show and seize valuable investor opportunities.

Investor interest. With its attractive user experience and scalability, the app facilitated fruitful negotiations with investors and increased prospects for funding rounds.

Recognition. Our project received acclaim, earning a spot among 10 startups of 2023 according to one of the largest global startup awards competitions, affirming its impact and market relevance.

User satisfaction. Early adopters praised the app for its intuitive interface and seamless functionality, boosting its reputation and adoption rates.