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DaraConnect: Creating a social media app for a celebrity video marketplace

Thailand eCommerce Entertainment July 2023 - October 2023

The NERDZ LAB team collaborated with a team of entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a social media app. DaraConnect is a celebrity video marketplace featuring real-time video-sharing and personalized messages.

Through the DaraConnect web platform, users can request and purchase special video messages from well-known Thai celebrities and then share them with friends and family.





Product design

UX design

UI design

Design testing

Web development









Google Cloud



Omise Payments

Team composition:

1 UI/UX designer

1 Front-end developer

1 Back-end developer

1 QA engineer

1 Delivery

1 Project manager


DaraConnect web platform functionality supports two key workflows. First, fans to select their favorite celebrity, order videos, complete payment transactions, and rate their experience. Second, for celebrities to register, create profiles, and manage orders from their fans.

Users begin by browsing through the diverse selection of celebrities available on the platform. Once they’ve found the ideal match, they can submit a request, providing all the essential details needed to craft a personalized video message. This may include information about the occasion, the recipient, and any specific preferences or instructions.

Upon receiving the request, celebrities are given a 7-day timeframe to fulfill it. We anticipated that celebrities would record videos on their phones with varying quality, resolution, and format. To compensate for that, the NERDZ LAB team implemented real-time decoding and conversion into a stream format for compatibility and accessibility. Once the personalized video is ready, celebrities upload it within their admin panel, while users can share it with their loved ones and capture their priceless reactions along the way.



  • An internal admin panel for celebrities. Celebrities can view order information and history, manage profiles, integrate their social network profiles, and withdraw funds from the platform.

  • A robust search engine. DaraConnect’s search engine lets users easily and quickly locate celebrities and filter results.

  • Secure user registration and login systems. The NERDZ LAB team ensured a frictionless signup and login experience for celebrities. Integration with social networks further streamlines the process.

  • A straightforward booking process. We designed a fast and convenient order process: users simply find their favorite celebrity, click on their profile, book them, specify their video preferences, and hit send.

  • Secure and versatile payment gateways. To address Thailand’s limited payment options, we integrated a local gateway for seamless transactions. The platform also supports Internet banking, mobile banking, Thai-based PromptPay, and other local payment methods.

  • High-quality video hosting and streaming. capabilities helped us enhance video processing while using AWS infrastructure allowed us to optimize streaming for a seamless and responsive viewing experience.

  • User review and rating systems. Reviews and ratings are an integral feature of social media app development. DaraConnect’s feedback feature encourages celebrity participation and builds user trust and engagement.

Design overview

The NERDZ LAB team crafted the entire DaraConnect web platform from scratch, incorporating UI/UX design to effectively target the client’s audience. The design combines the attraction of a social app with the convenience of an eCommerce platform, creating a fun and user-friendly experience. Since the web platform is in both Thai and English, we carefully selected a font that would maintain visual consistency and legibility across the two languages.

We used an iterative design approach to refine the booking process for users and the admin panel for celebrities. The result is a clean, minimal, and streamlined interface that helped our client achieve their business goals.







UI Kit




Responsive Mobile

The results

The selected social media app development approach facilitated the timely completion of the project scope, meeting all requirements.

The NERDZ LAB team maintained the highest quality of UI/UX design, resulting in an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Post-launch support and maintenance guaranteed seamless operations, resolving issues promptly.