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MySkinDoc: web development for a telehealth consultation platform

UK Healthcare September - October 2021

mySkinDoc is a web solution for online dermatology consultations.

MySkinDoc users provide information about their skin disorders through an online form and make a payment. They then receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

The client came to us with an idea of a telehealth platform for people with different skin problems. They needed a website that would be attractive and easy to find through an online search. It also had to store all customer records securely and include a payment gateway.





Product design

Design discovery & research

UX design

UI design

Brand identity

Web development






Team composition:

1 UI/UX designer

1 Identity designer

1 Front-end developer

1 Back-end developer

1 QA engineer

1 Project manager

1 SEO specialist


Strong search engine optimization

NERDZ LAB had to build an SEO-enhanced website. It had to rank high in Google to attract prospective users easily.

Meaningful analytics

The client needed to gather analytics to decide where to take the product next. This meant we had to integrate a set of tools to collect data for revisions and modifications.

Fast page loading

Nothing is more annoying for website visitors than poor performance and slow page loading. The website had to use fast downloading to keep prospective users on site.

A secure payment channel with loyalty

The client asked us to integrate a reputable service for payments. They also wanted to generate promo codes for patients when they would consider it necessary to increase patient loyalty.

Robust data collection and storage

We had to create and integrate a form to get medical information from website visitors wanting to use the service. Furthermore, we needed to establish a data storage system for doctors to store this information and keep track of treatment.

Web content management

The client asked for a customized CMS that would allow them to update website content. This would help them keep service-related information up to date and attract new customers.


A high-performing framework

NERDZ LAB chose the Next.js framework to build a fast-loading webpage. Next.js uses optimized server-side rendering, which helps reduce the load on a user’s device by running most operations on a server.

SEO-focused tools

We engaged an expert to strengthen mySkinDoc’s SEO. In addition, using Next.js as the framework accelerated SEO as faster content rendering keeps visitors on site.

Reliable analytics

The team chose the Lighthouse open-source automated tool integrated into Chrome to audit performance and SEO. We also leveraged Google Analytics for more effective planning and management of website improvements.

Payment gateway integration

We integrated the Stripe payment processing platform to allow payments through the website. This solution also helped the client generate promo codes to partially discount consultation costs.

An easy-to-use form for data collection

NERDZ LAB created a user-friendly form to collect information from mySkinDoc visitors who want to use the service. Patients simply fill out the form, attach a photo of their skin disorder (if desired), pay for the consultation, and wait for their diagnosis.

Web development services

We designed and implemented an admin panel to meet doctors’ needs. Through this panel, a doctor can see all patient information and suggest treatment recommendations. Their report is converted into PDF and sent to the patient’s email.

All requests for doctor consultations are kept on servers. Additionally, the integrated platform allows the platform manager to:

  • Add new admins
  • Add doctors to process patient requests
  • Generate promo codes to cover the full cost of a consultation
  • See a list of users who left an email to create marketing campaigns

CMS integration

The dev team used to build the website CMS. This allowed the client to update website content when required without help seamlessly.


The project was focused on developing a resource to assist patients online. Our goal was to create a clean and simple design that would reflect the idea and benefits of the service and encourage visitors to sign up for a consultation.

At the same time, we aimed to enable quick and efficient communication between patients and doctors to make the service as easy to use as possible.

NERDZ LAB began by collecting requirements and analyzing similar services. This gave us a clearer vision of the future product and helped create a brand identity.

After this, we proceeded to wireframing and defining each item on the landing page. Finally, we created the actual landing page that highlighted the benefits of the service and encouraged visitors to sign up.

Design services:

  • Design discovery & research
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Brand identity

Design solutions:

  • Web design services
  • Brand identity design

Design workflow


Client interview

NERDZ LAB started by asking for details of the client’s vision, goals, and values to ensure that we were all on the same page.


Design discovery & research

We helped the client see if their idea would solve their customers’ problems during the design discovery stage. We also analyzed the market and competitors to ensure the best product/market fit.


Creating the UX

NERDZ LAB created an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user experience that follows usability and accessibility guidelines and achieves the platform’s mission.


Creating the UI

Finally, we gave the product its visual identity. We ensured the client’s preferences met the latest UI trends and designed an appealing user interface.

Product designing process_snippets




Creating styleguide and UI kit


Snippets from the brandbook


UI snippets


An all-in-one web platform for online dermatology consultations

A highly performant and accessible website with fast metrics: Speed Index, First Contentful Paint, and Time to Interactive all within 0.3 seconds

A fully GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant solution

A Google-indexed and SEO-enhanced scalable website

A seamless online payment solution with promo code generation

An admin panel for monitoring online requests from patients


Amit Goyal


Very happy with the whole process, would recommend them to anyone across the world who is looking for IT services.

Amit Goyal


Very happy with the whole process, would recommend them to anyone across the world who is looking for IT services.