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Online Empires: An e-learning platform with affiliate functionality

United Kingdom E-Learning March 2022 — ongoing

Our client, Online Empires, is an established e-learning business in the UK. As of 2023, they’ve helped over 30,000 people worldwide break out of the 9-5 cycle and start a profitable online business.

When they contacted us, the client was using two online solutions — one to host their learning materials and one to host their affiliate program — which was very inconvenient. We’re assisting the client with our web design and development services to build a single platform and handle both functions. NERDZ LAB started on this project in March 2022, and the work is underway.





Product design

Design discovery & research

UX design

UI design

Web development







Java Script



Google Cloud


Stripe payments

Team composition:

1 Product designer

1 UI/UX designer

1 Front-end developer

1 Back-end developer

1 QA engineer

1 Delivery

1 Project manager

1 Architecture consultant


The product we’re developing for this customer is a video education platform with affiliate reference functionality. Incorporating the affiliate functionality will allow Online Empires’s partners to build their own sales funnels: a combination of customized web pages the affiliates can use to promote the client’s business.


Merge the functionality of two existing platforms

The client has one platform for video education and a separate web builder used by affiliates, with a complex functionality set. Our task is to merge the functionality and combine all the features of both solutions into one platform.

Create a novel solution despite no existing reference platforms

The solution requested by the client is unique, and they couldn’t provide any examples of similar platforms. NERDZ LAB conducted research to find a way to deploy an efficient and user-friendly platform with the full functionality they need.

Migrate user data

The client wants us to migrate all of their existing member data, with their active subscriptions, sales, and leads, to the new platform within a short period of time. We have to keep users’ sensitive information, such as their payment information and usage history, safe and unaltered.


The features we’re incorporating into this product support its double purpose as an online education platform and as an affiliate web builder and payment channel.

  • Video education. Students will be able to access modules with video lessons.
  • Custom web page builder. Students who become affiliates will be able to create their own web pages and customize them by changing the fonts, colors, images, and other features.
  • Sales funnel. Each affiliate will have their own custom link for funnels they create, which they can use to track the funnel’s performance, such as how many leads and sales it generates.
  • Admin panel. The client’s staff will have an admin panel to create and edit video courses, manage affiliates, and manage affiliate payments.
  • Stripe subscriptions. We’re integrating Stripe subscriptions and migrating all the existing subscriptions from the original platform.
  • Booking calendar. Students will be able to book sessions with mentors.
  • Leaderboards. The solution will track learners’ performance so they can compare their progress to that of other students.
  • Referral commissions. Commissions will be processed automatically for every sale that comes through an affiliate.

Design overview

We’re building a design that:

  • Exceeds the client’s expectations
  • Is responsive
  • Aligns with the client’s brand image
  • Makes the platform intuitive for users, affiliates, and admins

NERDZ LAB took full responsibility for designing the following project components:

  • A landing page with a clear, responsive design that presents the client’s services in a favorable light to boost their sales
  • A two-in-one web platform where affiliates can manage their video lessons, statistics, and incomes all in one place
  • A panel for admins to work with funnels (create, manage, and configure them, as well as monitor their performance), create and edit video courses, and manage affiliates and affiliate payments.

Design processsnippets


Styleguide and UI kit


Landing page for e-learning platform


Affiliate platform


Admin platform for e-learning platform


Created a unique double-purpose e-learning and affiliate platform supporting a large-scale online business with 15,000 students based in over 30 countries, with some alumni selling millions of dollars’ worth of their own products and services.

Successfully integrated the functionalities of two separate solutions into a single, streamlined platform. This consolidation has greatly enhanced efficiency and productivity for our client.

Seamlessly migrated the client's existing subscriptions and user data from another platform, ensuring a smooth transition without data loss. This meticulous process has preserved vital information and user records.

Designed a responsive platform that aligns with the client's business objectives. Our design approach prioritizes user experience and supports the client's growth and expansion plans.