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SCOPO: A smart business proposal tool that automates estimation and secures more contracts

Ukraine Business productivity September 2022 - ongoing

SCOPO is a software project estimate and proposal tool that helps customer-facing teams create fast and efficient project proposals. It streamlines cost estimation by automating the time-consuming tasks and human error associated with traditional Excel-based workflows.





Product design

Design discovery & research

UX design

UI design

Brand identity

Web development











Type Script



Team composition:

1 Product designer

1 Identity designer

1 QA engineer

1 Delivery

1 Project manager

1 Fractional CTO

1 Marketing specialist


NERDZ LAB designed SCOPO’s workflow to address the key challenges of efficient project estimation in software project management.

After registering with the SCOPO web portal, users can easily create proposals online by creating a new project and uploading relevant documents such as business specifications or design files for review.

Next, users can customize the estimate based on technology type (iOS, Android, Web, backend), specific employees, or employee level (junior, middle, senior developer). Users can also group estimated items in custom categories such as development phases (MVP, milestone, beta release, etc.) or specific software modules (chat, video, authorization, etc).

Once the estimate is configured, team members can collaborate to validate estimates and categories, ensuring all questions or concerns are addressed. When the proposal is finalized, the manager shares a public link with the client, allowing the client to view all details and interact with the estimate.

During the review process, SCOPO gathers information about client behaviour, which can be used in data-driven decision-making to finalize the deal. The data can be transformed into a beautifully designed and branded presentation, giving managers an easy way to share a completed proposal.



  • Timelines and charts: Present the sequence of work planned for the project and give clients a visual overview of milestones and development stages.
  • Templates and branding capabilities: Speed up proposal creation thanks to a wide range of ready-to-use business proposal templates for different roles. Users can customize branding elements such as logos, color palettes, and text to maintain brand consistency.
  • AI bot assistance: Streamlines the estimation process by suggesting categories based on a project description, ensuring all project components are covered.
  • Versioning: This enables users to create multiple estimate versions for comparison and track the evolution of estimates based on negotiations or client feedback.
  • Ready-made formulas: Provide tailored calculations for software project estimation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency compared to generic Excel formulas.
  • Rights and confidentiality systems: Enable role assignment and data access control to conceal rates and margins for security purposes.

Design Overview

When designing SCOPO, we drew from NERDZ LAB’s extensive experience as a software development outsourcing company. We evaluated our own approach to IT project estimation to pinpoint areas for improvement for both vendor teams and their clients.

For example, we added a feature that allows users to simultaneously read a document and add estimates, removing the burden of app and screen switching.

We also added intuitive workflows and customer behaviour analytics to speed up proposal delivery and finalization. For client convenience, we introduced user-friendly features such as versioning, item categorization, timelines, and charts.

Our UX design approach blended simplicity with familiarity, taking cues from the widely used Excel workflow. We introduced extra categorization options and informative charts while keeping the process similar to Excel for ease of use.

Each enhancement was implemented gradually, allowing us to assess its effectiveness. This iterative approach helped us refine the user experience to better meet the needs of the team and their clients.



The results

Enhanced competitiveness: SCOPO increases the chances of winning a contract by 35%, thanks to the increased transparency given by real-time updates, accurate project costs, and appealing data visualizations.

Improved efficiency: Strong UX design and streamlined functionality mean that the estimation process for a software project with SCOPO is three times faster than a manual, Excel-based workflow.

Validation and recognition: SCOPO was featured among 50 startups selected for the Genesis Startup Academy, organized in collaboration with Meta.

Global recognition and networking: SCOPO was recognized as an Alpha startup at WebSummit 2022, representing Ukraine as part of the official delegation.