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If you have your project, timeline, and budget in mind, get the best quality healthcare software now!

Healthcare Software Development Services: Why Efficient Is Vital


When you start working on an IT solution in healthcare, you have to ensure your service meets the required liability standards. To do so, your engineers have to be proficient in healthcare software development. But it may be a challenge to find qualified staff!

Check out NERDZ Lab, we are a healthcare software development company that delivers high-quality solutions on time and within budget. We offer a comprehensive range of development services, such as product design, web and application development, and consulting, while leveraging our deep healthcare industry knowledge.

Get in touch, and we’ll brainstorm together about how to implement your ideas.

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Healthcare solutions

Our mission is to deliver quality healthcare IT solutions while ensuring an efficient and timely service. Our talented developers don’t shy away from profound technical challenges and offer alternatives when prescribed paths aren’t possible. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and tailor products to comply with all our clients’ needs. We are committed to delivering quality results on time and within budget.


Telehealth solutions

Make it comfortable for patients to get quality medicine without having to leave their homes. Our solutions take into account the strongest trends in this industry.

We address legal challenges, such as HIPAA compliance, test new care delivery models, and expand services that can be delivered virtually.


Digital transformation in healthcare

McKinsey analysis states that virtual healthcare models are moving from purely “virtual urgent care” to “longitudinal virtual care,” with the potential to improve the consumer experience, access, outcomes, and affordability.

With our solutions, you can offer a better UX, streamline operations, build brand loyalty and trust, seizing new business opportunities.


Health IoT

The concept behind IoT in healthcare is that data is aggregated from multiple devices and then stored in a centralized location.

We make use of the achievements in technologies of connected devices and help create apps that collect data and help doctors analyze them in real-time.


Mobile Wellness / Healthcare Applications

Whether it’s for preventive treatment, personal health records, sports, or you are trying to increase patient engagement, we’ll make sure your users will love the app.

We have plenty of experience when it comes to gamification, implementing social media features, and other customization.


Custom healthcare software development

Do you have specific requirements, or are you convinced that standard approaches are insufficient for you? Our process combines thorough prototyping to build secure systems that fit your needs.

Our custom healthcare software development has already helped many clients to increase quality.

Haven’t found what you are looking for?

Book a meeting with our experts, and let’s find the technical solution for your healthcare project that best meets your goals.

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Haven’t found what you are looking for?

Book a meeting with our experts, and let’s find the technical solution for your healthcare project that best meets your goals.

Book a meeting

Healthcare software development services

With healthcare software development services, NERDZ LAB strives to do more than just complete a job. Our goal is to exceed expectations and take responsibility. We handle project management and quality assurance to ensure that our clients get desired results — often before the deadline.


Healthcare IT consulting

Having the advanced healthcare IT solutions in place can make a big difference in patient outcomes. Our IT consultants help organizations overcome limited internal IT expertise and advise on technical solutions that decrease costs while increasing quality. We will assess your project and give you appropriate recommendations.

Book a free consultation.


Healthcare product design

With years of experience connecting research and product development, we know how to deliver effective, clear, and easy-to-use UX that will keep users engaged.

We provide accessible and RTL-friendly (multilingual) solutions tailored according to best design practices. 

Learn more about design services.


Healthcare web development

We love to get your website ideas built and launched. With experience working with small to large businesses and startups, we’ve got you covered with product design, front-end and back-end development, testing, maintenance, and support.

Find out more about web development services.


Healthcare application development

Developing apps has been our strong suit since our company was launched.

We understand well the specifics of development in healthcare and the relevant security needs. The NERDZ LAB team can serve as your assistant at all stages of healthcare application development, be it ideation, design, development, testing, or support.

More on our mobile app development here.

Healthcare cases

Here are a few projects we’ve been working on. Click on each of them to see how we have assisted businesses with tech development and software solutions. We’ll love it if you get inspired and find business outcomes of our passion for tech challenges and new product ideas.

Case studies:
See all case studies See all case studies

Outsource healthcare software development_

NERDZ LAB is not just a vendor but a technical partner for healthcare solutions. Whether you need full-cycle software product development, feature development, or to bolster your team with extra capacity or expertise, we are here to provide you with better solutions to your challenges.

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Proud recipients of Top Healthcare App Developers in Ukraine, 2022 by The Manifest


Proven track record

We are one of the top medical app developers in Ukraine, who have acquired multiple awards. Our clients value us for the high quality, security, and cost-effectiveness of our healthcare software services.


Client-first approach

Our team stays proactive and in front of the technology world, recommending to clients what they should or shouldn’t do based on our vast experience. Together with the client, we reach an outcome that everyone is happy with.



At NERDZ LAB, we value effective communication. We keep our clients in the loop about the status of the deliverables. We understand what the client is trying to achieve, and the team creates the best product from that understanding.

Are you ready to start a journey with NERDZ LAB?

Together we can build innovative products at the forefront of the telemedicine world. Are you curious to meet the people behind the innovations? Schedule a meeting with one of our experts for a project estimate or consultation.

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