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Hiive: video shopping app for modern eCommerce

USA eCommerce June 2022 — ongoing

The client is a provider of an AI-powered marketplace optimization platform that helps businesses maximize their profit through automation. Hiive is the clients’ brand-new project — an eCommerce mobile app that blends video shopping and social media functionalities custom-tailored to meet the preferences of modern customers.





Product design

UX design

UI design

Design testing

Web development


Mobile development








PHP Laravel

Team composition:

1 UI/UX designer

1 iOS developer

1 Back-end developer

1 QA engineer

1 Project manager

1 Fractional CTO


For our client Hiive isn’t the first project in the online shopping app business — the company has been providing services of a marketplace optimization platform for eCommerce businesses since 2015.

With insider knowledge of eCommerce and retail business and data-driven insights into customer pains, the client decided to develop a new shopping app that addresses the specific needs of contemporary businesses and buyers. The new app, Hiive, was designed as an alternative to popular marketplaces that offer exclusive discounts — but with a mobile-only and social-media-like, user-friendly, and intuitive interface to meet the expectations of the modern audience.

The client sought reliable Ukrainian development partners who could implement their idea of an iOS app and deliver a top-tier product. After reviewing 160 software development companies from Ukraine and elsewhere, the client found this partner in NERDZ LAB.

NERDZ LAB, a company with vast experience in providing mobile application development services, including iOS app development, saw this as a fascinating mission. Driven to deliver value to the customer rather than just get the job done, our team embraced this challenge — blending the best eCommerce practices and social media trends to craft a cutting-edge shopping app tailored to the evolving demands of modern consumers.



  • Comprehensive cross-market analysis. During the discovery phase, we focused on studying the market of eCommerce software and popular social media mobile apps to outline critical features and functionality of Hiive app: video review, comment sections, personalized feed, easy payment options, and other goodies.
  • Building a video shopping app. We researched swiping patterns and even discovered some new ones, analyzed the features of competitive online shopping platforms, and studied the available technologies. All this helped us optimize buyers’ journeys and provide an excellent video shopping experience for Hiive’s customers.
  • Developing a social-media-like interface. We cherry-picked the best features of social media apps and marketplaces to create their perfect symbiosis — an eCommerce app where users can read live reviews, watch product breakdowns and comments from favorite influencers, and share them with others.
  • Creating a user-friendly app for different types of users. Hiive is an app where brands profit from selling, buyers benefit from buying at the best prices, and creators earn their share by connecting businesses and people with their content. We created different user-friendly interfaces catering to the needs of each target audience.


Design workflow


Research and design discovery

Our research and discovery process started with a quest to understand the elusive qualities of the upcoming generation — as both consumers and potential future business leaders. Armed with our findings and in constant contact with our client, we then researched the bustling eCommerce market and social media landscape. This helped us uncover the client's business goals and user expectations. Through our efforts, we were able to pinpoint crucial features that users crave in an app, such as high digital speed, diverse formats of digital content, including video and photos, intuitive stylish design, user control over their digital footprint, ability to unleash one’s creativity and interact with other users.



Our experts analyzed the UX design of prominent apps in the field to craft wireframes that cater to distinct user experiences and needs, considering the competition as well. In particular, they analyzed swiping patterns like video showing and the layout of elements on the screen. Our designer mapped out the user flows to consider their experience when buying a product, adding items to the catalog, or uploading content.


Designing visual elements

The next stage involved creating a visual language for the app consistent with the brand's identity and appeal to the target audience. The process included the following: determining the brand features, exploring the latest visual design trends, exploring the best practices of UI design for mobile apps, developing mood boards, designing visual elements, creating mockups . By closely collaborating with our clients, we were able to approve the design at every stage, preventing any major modifications at the final stage of the product design process.


UI/UX design testing

The final stage in software product design is design testing. We double-checked that all visual elements matched the design and that flows provided a smooth user experience.



UI Snippets


UX Style Guide


UX snippets. By studying new swiping patterns, we selected the necessary design solutions to incorporate them into Hiive.


UI snippets


With the Apple Pay integration and an array of social media features, such as video reviews, favorite brand content feeds, and seamless product sharing, Hiive has incorporated all the must-have features of a premium shopping app.

With the integration of Facebook and Twitter, Hiive enabled users to promote their favorite products and special offers organically through popular social media channels, ultimately driving increased app awareness and downloads.

Launched on iOS, the app landed in Top 100 Apps of the Week list in the United States.

The app has been downloaded 50,000+ times.


Vitalii Khyzhniak


They foster an environment of innovation, creativity, and inclusiveness, which made it a unique and enjoyable experience working with them. Their unique and impressive approach to app development and top-notch team culture set them apart from others in the industry.

Vitalii Khyzhniak


They foster an environment of innovation, creativity, and inclusiveness, which made it a unique and enjoyable experience working with them. Their unique and impressive approach to app development and top-notch team culture set them apart from others in the industry.