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A product design for no-stress medicine ordering

UK Healthcare eCommerce October 2020 - ongoing

The client is a UK–based healthcare platform that allows patients to order their medicine, check it with their doctors, track it, and pick it up at their local pharmacies. The platform connects to the UK’s NHS.

The client requested NERDZ LAB to work on the UX/UI design for their Android and iOS apps. Also, their available web platform lacked an admin function. So we were happy to help them cover their needs and complete their product design.





Product design

Design discovery & research

UX design

UI design



Team composition:

1 UI/UX designer

1 Project manager


Effortless user experience

As apps had already been provided by the client’s, we needed to improve the existing user flows and create new ones. Moreover, we had to broaden the app’s functionality in both versions.

Compelling design

NERDZLAB had to create a structured and easy-to-understand layout. The composition and the whole style were supposed to feel and look similar for both Android and iOS versions.

Order administration

The team had to provide a web version of the admin panel to maintain the patients’ entries and manage orders. At the same time, we had to keep all this data reflected and updated on the app user’s side.

The Solution

Seamless flow

The designers revised the whole customer journey. In addition to refining the already presented users’ actions, we elaborated new processes to strengthen the entire user experience.

Crisp, clean look

Taking the client’s vision and central values as the backbone of the app design, the NERDZLAB team presented a fresh, lightweight, and user-friendly interface. The Figma tool helped our designers create the main and additional visual elements.

Comprehensible admin panel

We successfully assembled all critical elements for data management. Furthermore, we ensured that the web-based admin panel renders and shows administrators all necessary information retrieved from the application, such as patients’ details, pharmacy info, and medicine orders.


Our main task was to improve the product design and the overall patient experience. The patient app had been developed for both iOS and Android versions, so we had to deliver a design that would be consistent and feel the same on both platforms. Besides this, we had to design the web version for the admin section, which would manage patient orders. The main challenge here was to synchronize it with the patient role and create an accurate design that would cover all cases.

We started with the already existing app, and our first step was to improve the existing design and mobile flows. After completing this task, we started designing new user flows and expanding the app functionality based on metrics. This is an ongoing project, meaning we are constantly improving things. We introduce UX and UI changes to the existing product based on constant feedback from the client.

Design services we provided:

  • Design discovery
  • UX design
  • UI design

Design solutions:

Design workflow


Client interview

We start with the right questions about the client’s vision, goals, and values to ensure we stay on the same page.


Design discovery

At this stage, we help clients see if their idea in the current form solves their customers’ problems.


Creating UX

This is where we create and enhance a painless user experience that aligns with usability guidelines and the product mission.


Creating UI

Here, the product obtains its visual shape. We make sure the client’s preferences meet the latest UI trends to design an appealing interface for the users.

Product designing processsnippets


Mobile snippets


Mobile snippets


Admin snippets


Enhanced initial design

Advanced user experience

New flows and roles added

A functional web portal for administrators