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Sleep meditation and stories app

USA Healthcare November 2019 - October 2020

The client is a successful tech startup from North Carolina, USA with a focus on sleep wellness software. Over 90,000 new users on average download the company’s applications on App Store every month—and enjoy better, more refreshing sleep. Working on this client’s app that helps meditate and overcome insomnia has been one of our most successful projects at NERDZ LAB. The final product has overwhelmingly positive reviews and a history of more than 2 million downloads.


The client had been working with another dev team, but they couldn’t devote as much time to the project as was required. Our company stepped in to help out with additional developers and QAs. Our task was to develop an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for sleep problems, filled with relaxing stories, background music, and soundscapes. The client approached us with an iOS-based MVP that already included most of the core features, but still needed a lot of work to become the app they envisioned. NERDZ LAB had to complete and improve the existing functionality, as well as add new features and provide support.


Screens from app



Mobile development





Core Data Audio Player

Team composition:

2 iOS developers

1 QA engineer


Even with extensive expertise in the field, NERDZ LAB’s dedicated team of iOS developers and QAs faced a demanding task:

  • Intricate UI design. The app’s interface had to be clean, dynamic, and non-distracting. All the design elements had to transition smoothly and with utmost precision. Many of them, like the blurred semi-transparent player panel, were seemingly simple but required a lot of effort to fine-tune.
  • Complex animation. The app features animated items—a fir-tree, an owl character, etc—that work differently on various devices and change dynamically as the user proceeds to the next phase. Our team needed to achieve perfect synchronicity across all the animations for the most interactive experience.
  • Tablet support. The app’s player was to look and behave differently depending on the type of device. On an iPhone, it could work in full-screen mode or be minimized and used in the background. With the iPad’s screen real estate, it made sense to move the player to the right side, so the user could keep interacting with the app.
  • Accessibility. Not typical of a startup, this app offers accessibility—on top of its complex design, animations, and a rich feature set. Things like enlarged text and VoiceOver support had to be implemented flawlessly, so users with vision and hearing impairments could enjoy the app.
    Offline work. As per the client’s requirements, the app’s content had to be available to its users offline.

Here’s how our team tackled the challenges described above:

  • Accessibility. We worked meticulously to create and adapt every accessibility feature. Each detail agrees with the design and serves to deliver the best experience to users with special needs. The app displays all fonts perfectly, and functions and images have auditory feedback as requested.
  • Animation. We built separate designs for iPhone and iPad, with the screen divided into three working areas: tab bar, content, and player. Our team was able to create complex animation scenarios for all devices and complete work within tight deadlines.
  • User engagement. We did our best to make the user experience as personalized and interactive as possible.

The Results

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of the NERDZ LAB team, our client received exactly the product they wanted, right on schedule. Elegant and functional, the app works faultlessly across different iOS devices, facilitating relaxation and healthy sleep.

The number of downloads has exceeded 2,000,000.

The app gets consistently high ratings on the App Store with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5, and a total of 12.7k reviews.

The application has been featured as App of the Day on the App Store.

The app has been well received by media, with great reviews by major websites, such as Healthline’s The Best Healthy Sleep Apps of 2020 and GH’s 10 Best Sleep Apps to Download in 2021, According to Experts.