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TriCan Health: clinical research platform development

US Healthcare November 2022 - ongoing

With multiple cancer trials underway at any given time, identifying options related to specific diagnoses is extremely difficult. The US database alone includes thousands of trials.

TriCan Health combined their decades of patient care experience with NERDZ LAB’s expertise in healthtech, and together we created an intuitive online platform that gives pancreatic cancer patients and their doctors access to information about emerging treatments.

TriCan Health offers clarity and hope when it matters most by bridging the gap between patients, doctors, and researchers.





Product design

Design discovery & research

UX design

UI design

Web development









Team composition:

1 Product designer

1 UI/UX designer

1 Front-end developer

1 Back-end developer

1 QA engineer

1 Delivery

1 Project manager


While patients want to learn more about clinical trials related to their diagnosis, the information can be scattered across multiple sources and use complex medical terms. For cancer patients, in particular, finding clinical trials early in their treatment journey allows them to locate information about cutting-edge and experimental treatments that aren’t yet available to the general public.

Users or their doctors can self-navigate an ever-expanding database of trials based on cancer specifics and patient location. At the same time, sponsors can achieve higher enrollment rates to accelerate the development of new therapies.

After patients enter a diagnosis and location, the algorithm suggests likely trial matches for patients to browse. If they enter additional information, like the cancer stage or the trial phase needed, the results become increasingly tailored. Sponsors can enhance available trial data so patients are informed and engaged.

NERDZ LAB provided comprehensive web development services for TriCan to design and build the platform and a mobile application. After our team advised TriCan on the optimal technical architecture to meet their needs, our main role was to design an intuitive interface where users could input their medical profiles and preferences and receive well-matched clinical trial suggestions.



  • All trials are in one place. We integrated an extensive network of trials based on information from different sources, not only a single hospital. The centralized system matches cancer patients to the most relevant clinical trials for their specific diagnosis and treatment history. Users receive suggestions personalized to their unique health profile from a database of over 400 pancreatic cancer trials.
  • Notification. Any delay in treatment may allow a disease to progress. TriCan Health users can receive timely notifications as soon as a newly added clinical trial matches their cancer profile.
  • Save/Discard functionality. The feature allows users to save trial snapshots — summarized trial information — to a list. Similar to e-commerce wish lists, this empowers patients to return to saved snapshots and revisit their matches later. Consequently, users can thoroughly compare inclusion and exclusion criteria across saved trials before sharing their top choices with their doctor. They can also remove trials they’re no longer interested in from their list.
  • Profile management. Patients need an easy way to update their profile information after medical consultations so trial matches stay current with their specific needs. The platform lets patients edit their profile details with just a few clicks. Once they save an update, the search runs automatically to generate new matches.
  • Mobile-first user experience. Our mobile-first healthcare UX design approach serves up intuitive, accessible experiences for on-the-go users. We prioritize mobile usability, ensuring features are accessible through streamlined flows and simple UI elements. Thoughtful information architecture and clean interfaces let patients easily navigate complex clinical trial data on their smartphone screens.

Design overview:

  1. Patient-centered design. Our UX/UI designers focused on creating a user-friendly interface tailored specifically to pancreatic cancer patients, their caregivers, and doctors. This includes a simple step-by-step flow with complex sorting and filtering. The clinical trial search process was designed as a guided series of clear, digestible steps patients can self-navigate. Questions are concise, and results are clearly summarize
  2. Comprehensive survey process. When designing the survey logic, we aimed to make it as easy as possible for users to find relevant clinical trials. The interface starts with a few key questions that narrow down options by pancreatic cancer type and patient location. Then, patients can browse summary cards of the trials that match the patient’s profile and save any that look promising. To further customize and filter results, we prompt users to answer additional questions as they look through the trials.

Design process:


UI Snippets


Styleguide and UI kit


UI Snippets


UI Snippets


Streamlined access to clinical trials. TriCan made it easy for patients to find and apply for clinical trials, providing centralized access to pancreatic cancer therapies, eliminating information fragmentation challenges.

Accelerated trial discovery. This clinical research platform has accelerated the speed at which patients find trials through prompt trial notifications.

Enhanced decision-making. The ability to save and compare trial snapshots allows patients to assess and choose trials that align with their unique health profiles, increasing the likelihood of selecting the most suitable treatment options.

Improved health prospects. Overall, TriCan Health's solution enhances patients' access to clinical trial information, offering better opportunities for improved health outcomes and discovering more effective treatment options.


Mike Harris

TriCan Health

Kimya and I continue to enjoy working with the whole team and have been impressed by the product we`ve jointly produced.

Mike Harris

TriCan Health

Kimya and I continue to enjoy working with the whole team and have been impressed by the product we`ve jointly produced.