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WhatSalon is the newest, fastest and most fun way to browse and book your hair and beauty appointments. We give you instant, real-time access to the diaries of our salons. You choose your service and our app instantly shows you the available times and stylists. So you can work your beauty regime around your own schedule. No waiting. No hassle. It’s beauty, simplified.

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  • Android
  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • QA
  • Design
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • PHP Laravel
  • React JS
  • Angular
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  • E-commerce
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The Challenge

WhatSalon is a marketplace product for beauty salons. Our system should work directly with their CRM to give the best experience for the end-user. We needed to create an ecosystem in which we can work with as many salons as possible and put orders directly into their CRMs.
Each new salon has another API, and integration complexity grows exponentially. The first integration is not dependent on anything. The second integration is dependant on the first. Integration #6 is dependent on all five integrated before. 
The process needs to be seamless, and the system needs to be easily extendable.
No matter what CRM the salon uses, the application should give the same experience for its users as well as be able to search salon across all possible parameters.

The Solution

  • Integrated microservices architecture, to easily add or remove new CRM integration.
  • To make any CRM fit WhatSalon functionality, we created a platform where any salon can adjust missing information or edit an existing one.
  • Created an advanced algorithm for dynamic search across all salons possible parameters - service, location, day & time, etc.

The results

  • 01
    The business was acquired for €15,000,000 and is highly valuable to the end-users.
  • 02
    We established a full ecosystem for salons where they can efficiently operate their business.
  • 03
    Integrated six biggest Salon software providers in the United Kingdom.
  • 04
    Reached market with 20,000 beauty salons available to users.
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