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Top 10 startups to watch from Web Summit 2023


Natalie Bilynska



7 min read

7 min read

Web Summit, held annually in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal, stands as the pinnacle of global tech conferences. From its inception in 2010, the event has evolved into an unparalleled gathering that sparks innovation and fosters connections across the tech landscape. The 2023 edition has once again proven to be a triumph, leaving an indelible mark on attendees from every facet of the tech world.

This year’s summit, held at Altice Arena from November 13th to 16th, has seen a surge in startups, breaking records with an impressive 70,236 attendees. The event’s allure transcended borders, drawing participants from 153 countries and providing a melting pot of ideas, discussions, and meaningful connections.

A notable feature of this year’s Web Summit is the remarkable increase in the representation of women, with 43 percent of attendees and over 38 percent of speakers being women – the highest percentage on record. This inclusivity underscores Web Summit’s commitment to diversity and amplifying diverse voices in the tech industry.

The event unfolded across 16 stages, offering a diverse range of talks spanning 25+ content tracks. Attendees were free to tailor their experience, exploring discussions on sports, music, entertainment, deep tech, the future of work, and supply chains. The dynamic nature of the event was complemented by an interactive app, allowing participants to curate their schedules and venture into new realms of knowledge.

Web Summit 2023 also provided an unparalleled platform for startups, welcoming 2,608 exhibitors from 93 countries. From fledgling enterprises to potential unicorns, these startups showcased their innovations, with the PITCH competition offering a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with over 900 investors in attendance.

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The Web Summit 2023 is witnessing active trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Out of 105 participants in PITCH, 19 companies fall into the category of “AI and machine learning,” with an additional 18 startups presenting themselves as AI-based solutions. The application of AI is gaining special attention across various sectors, including agriculture, supply chain efficiency, and climate problem-solving.

Ukrainian startup S.LAB has gained recognition for its development of ecological packaging on an industrial scale. Other notable trends include innovations in waste processing, smart packaging, and health support, encompassing medical technologies and solutions for simplifying complex tasks through SaaS. There is also a growing focus on digitizing education to address the issue of over 244 million children worldwide lacking access to schooling.

This year, NERDZ LAB attended Web Summit 2023 and selected a list of top favorite startups according to our team’s version, so…

healthcare software development

Top startups hitting Web Summit 2023 in the healthtech & wellness industry


Inspira emerged victorious at Web Summit’s PITCH startup competition, beating over 100 contenders among the 2,608 startups featured at the event. The Brazil-based legal software company impressed judges during the three-day competition, held on Centre Stage on Day 3 of Web Summit 2023. Inspira aims to revolutionize the legal market by leveraging technology to democratize legal information, making it more accessible to everyone.

Henrique Ferreira, co-founder of Inspira, expressed the significance of the win, describing Web Summit as a “spectacular event.” Coming from São Paulo for the competition, Henrique emphasized the enormity of the victory for Inspira’s plans. The co-founders, attending as an ALPHA startup, celebrated the achievement, acknowledging the growth of the legal ecosystem and the dream come true of representing Brazil in such a traditional industry.

Elixion medical

Elixion is a pioneering health tech company focused on addressing care shortages in healthcare facilities through its innovative medical IoT, SaaS, and AI platform. The platform automates catheter and drain monitoring, offering safe, fast, and cost-efficient solutions. Real-time data and machine learning enhance healing processes, detect complications early, and reduce the monitoring workload for nurses. This results in improved patient safety, reduced length of hospital stays, and enhanced medical decision-making, benefiting both healthcare providers and patients.

The system is designed for easy integration with existing medical setups and is compatible with all tube sets. Elixion’s mission is to streamline healthcare processes, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.

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2MO – Second Medical Opinion

At Second Medical Opinion, they believe in providing accurate and reliable medical advice to everyone. Dedicated to providing access to trusted medical advice and diagnoses from leading experts in their fields, their mission is to offer experienced second medical opinions for clarity, improved health outcomes, and informed healthcare decisions.

Their mission is to offer experienced second-medical opinions for clarity, improved health outcomes, and informed healthcare decisions. They aim to be the leading provider in this field, delivering personalized, timely, and transparent opinions. They promise to ensure every individual receives high-quality care and support, empowering them to make the best decisions for their health. Over 20% of patients receive a different diagnosis, reducing unnecessary treatments by up to 40%, and 95% report increased confidence in their decisions.

web summit 2023

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The Kindology

The team ensures that every appointment or product purchase on their platform funds mental health treatments for those in need. They acknowledge that individuals may silently share feelings of not being okay and offer a solution for everyone.

The Kindologists, leveraging technology and emotions, collaboratively provide confidential care for mental health within a thriving community. Focused on open discussions about health and life issues, collective strength is gained.

As a community of Kindologists, they reach global corners with mental health professionals, inspiring individuals, and supportive companies. Their goal is to create a comfortable, safe space for support in the chosen environment.

Recognizing the impact of mental health on productivity, workplaces implement policies like mental health days, therapy access, and flexible work arrangements. This approach not only values employees but also yields a positive return on investment.

Top startups hitting Web Summit 2023 in the education/well-being industry


StudyBud, a pioneering ed-tech start-up in Switzerland, simplifies learning through its carefully designed platform. Their mission is to connect students with professional tutors, universities, courses, and academic support, offering high-quality, tailored solutions. Passionate about transforming education with technology, StudyBud believes in making learning accessible, efficient, and engaging for everyone.

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Top startups hitting Web Summit 2023 in the eCommerce industry is a Danish online travel agency situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Holding an IATA TIDS license, they specialize in facilitating the booking of transportation services, ancillaries, and accommodations. Their platform is free to use, and they prioritize transparency, offering the best deals to users. Committed to customer support, aims to be the personal travel assistant for travelers.

Founded in 2019 during a pandemic, was created to address common travel issues. Backed by the Danish Growth Fund and international investors, they have experienced rapid growth, serving millions worldwide. Their blog details their journey.

At, they believe travel should be limitless. Their mission is to make travel easy and affordable for everyone. Breaking down barriers, they provide personalized inspiration and tips, focusing on simplifying planning and reducing costs. Their vision is to be the leading one-stop-shop for multi-destination travel experiences, delivering exceptional service and inspiring exploration globally.


Wede provides a range of convenient delivery services, including easy browsing and flexible ordering from restaurants and stores. One can also bring a skilled Chef to your home or create memorable events with artists and musicians with the Wede app.

Wede app is a delivery app that is changing the way we deliver. By focusing on less populated areas, it rewards drivers and offers a personalized service while complying with regulations. The app promotes local entrepreneurship and improves drivers’ lives, and it is already running successfully in Évora, Portugal. It will soon expand to other cities in Portugal and Angola.

They aim to improve the quality of home delivery services and provide access to a broader range of audiences, areas, and services.

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Top startups hitting Web Summit 2023 in the sport-social industry

Precision Sports Technology

They’re a tech and sports team on a mission to boost sports technology for fitness pros. By teaming up with sports scientists, coaches, and physiotherapists, they aim to craft reliable and user-friendly software. Their stand-alone app, compatible with iPhone and iPad Pro, uses 3D depth sensors and AI for precise movement analysis, heralding the Future of Movement Assessment.

Precision Sports Technology uses LiDAR technology and AI for objective human movement data. The app provides real-time exercise feedback, enabling self-correction without manual intervention. Exercise data is stored in the cloud for practitioners to access anytime, anywhere.

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Everyrun, operates as a C2C platform, facilitating global connections between runners and race organizers. It caters to individuals seeking running opportunities by assisting them in finding races, monitoring progress, and connecting with a global community of runners. Simultaneously, the platform equips race organizers with essential tools to list, sell tickets, manage results, and promote events. Distinguishing itself from Parkrun, Everyrun provides a versatile platform for organizing, monetizing, and participating in running events without constraints.

Everyrun’s mission centers around fostering a globally connected environment, promoting running, and encouraging fitness worldwide. Goals encompass ensuring universal access to running, contributing to a healthier and more interconnected global population, and empowering individuals and communities through technological solutions.

The company is actively recruiting race organizers in the UK to replicate the success achieved in Ukraine, with ambitions to expand its network across Europe and globally.

Salon management software: how to add some tech to non-tech business


S.Lab is a winner of the IT-arena Startup Competition 2023, which aims to replace foamed plastic on an industrial scale. S.Lab is an ecological startup where we grow 100% biodegradable packaging from hemp and mycelium. S.Lab is developing ecological materials from mushrooms and hemp, with a focus on replacing styrofoam packaging. With victories in competitions and investments from Startup Wise Guys, they plan to establish a pilot production line and seek partners for the collaborative development of sustainable and ecological solutions in manufacturing. Their materials are already utilized in a joint collection of decor, tableware, Christmas toys, and other cool items made from mushrooms in collaboration with the designer Yova Yager, presented at Paris Design Week 2021.

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